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Welcome to Leo Jr/Sr High School

Dr. Neal Brown, III, HS Principal
Mr. Jody Smith, Assistant Principal
Mr. Chris Hall, Administrator Intern
Ms. Patricia Meadows, JH Principal
Mr. Brock Rohrbacher, Athletic Director

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Principal’s Desk 

Leo Jr. Sr. High School is the “flagship” high school for Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne with respect to dual credit course offerings. The Collegiate Connection Concurrent Enrollment Program began in the spring of2005 at Leo Jr. Sr. High School. The primary purpose of the Collegiate Connection Program is to develop a true collaboration between IPFW and high school partner schools.  This collaboration allows eligible high school students to take classes taught by approved high school teachers for high school and college credit. High students take these dual credit courses at their home high school.  At Leo Jr. Sr. High School, we currently have teachers certified to provide dual credit opportunities in following areas: Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Technology, Art, Business and Spanish. We presently have dual credit agreements with IPFW, Trine, the University of St. Francis, and Ivy Tech.

As students prepare for college, we strongly encourage our students to take dual credit courses. East Allen County Schools Educational Foundation provides some financial support to junior and senior students who successfully complete dual credit courses with a grade of C or better.

The majority of courses we offer for dual credit at Leo are already discounted (priority courses) and offered to students at a rate of $25 or less per credit hour. The Educational Foundation money is used to help students taking non-priority courses - the courses that are more than $25/credit hour.

Below is a list of the dual credit courses offered at Leo Jr. Sr. High School. Classes marked with an asterisk are “non-priority” courses and students enrolled in them are eligible for reimbursement provided they successfully complete the course. The final reimbursement amount is based on the cost per credit hour and the number of students eligible each year, which varies. Reimbursement is provided in the fall of the following school year, after final grades have been received from each university.

DC Advanced Composition/Literature (6 credits-Trine) $20/credit
DC Calculus (4 Credits-IPFW) $25/credit
DC Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry (6 credits-IPFW) $25/credit
*DC Probability/Statistics (3 credits-IPFW) $105/credit
DC Physics (4 credits-IPFW) $25/credit
DC Biomedical Innovations (3 credits- Ivy Tech) FREE
DC Psychology (3 credits-Trine) $20/credit
*DC Introduction to Teacher Education (3 credits- St. Francis)  $115/credit
DC Ethnic Studies (3 credits-Trine) $20/credit
DC Economics (3 credits-IPFW) $25/credit
DC Spanish IV (3 credits-IPFW) $25/credit
DC Spanish V (3 credits-IPFW) $25/credit
*DC Personal Finance (3credits-IPFW)  $105/credit
 DC Intro to Engineering and Design (3 credits- Ivy Tech) FREE
 DC Principals of Engineering (3 credits-Ivy Tech) FREE
 DC Civil Engineering (3 credits-Ivy Tech) FREE
DC Digital Electronics (3 credits-Ivy Tech) FREE
DC Art History (3 credits-IPFW) $25/credit

We presently have at least 175 students enrolled in dual credit courses at Leo Jr. Sr. High School. As we prepare the scheduling process for the 2018-2019 school year, students and parents can contact Mrs. Smeltzley in our guidance department if they have questions about dual credit courses.


Dr. Neal Brown III



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